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Online real estate broker Redfin has posted some detailed figures on the San Francisco housing market for March 2015. Compare some of the latest and most relevant statistics per neigborhood in this database.

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Median sale prices per San Francisco neighborhood for March 2015

Page Title
Year Over Year % Price
Median Days on Market
Avg % Sale to List
Median Price Range
Median Sale Price
Ashbury Heights67.0%10126.0%Higher than $2,000,000$2,084,000Ashbury Heights, San Francisco
Bayview48.0%17105.0%Below $1,000,000$736,000Bayview, San Francisco
Bernal Heights2.0%13116.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,045,000Bernal Heights, San Francisco
Civic Center/ Van Ness11.0%12110.0%Below $1,000,000$849,500Civic Center, San Francisco
Crocker-Amazon47.0%11118.0%Below $1,000,000$802,500Crocker-Amazon, San Francisco
Excelsior32.0%18121.0%Below $1,000,000$712,500Excelsior, San Francisco
Financial District13.0%2099.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,775,000Financial District, San Francisco
Forest Hill-27.0%15124.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,199,000Forest Hill, San Francisco
Haight-Ashbury7.0%12119.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,205,000Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco
Hayes Valley4.0%15117.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,100,000Hayes Valley, San Francisco
Ingleside36.0%11115.0%Below $1,000,000$858,000Ingleside, San Francisco
Ingleside Heights24.0%8110.0%Below $1,000,000$635,000Ingleside Heights, San Francisco
Inner Richmond-23.0%16124.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,175,000Inner Richmond, San Francisco
Inner Sunset27.0%16108.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,250,000Inner Sunset, San Francisco
Lower Haight36.0%17124.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,360,500Lower Haight, San Francisco
Marina3.0%13117.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,650,000Marina, San Francisco
Miraloma Park22.0%12128.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,280,000Miraloma Park, San Francisco
Mission21.0%14106.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,107,500Mission, San Francisco
Mission Bay14.0%12103.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,140,000Mission Bay, San Francisco
Nob Hill40.0%13112.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,600,000Nob Hill, San Francisco
Noe Valley-3.0%13115.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,475,000Noe Valley, San Francisco
Outer Mission3.0%14114.0%Below $1,000,000$746,000Outer Mission, San Francisco
Outer Richmond15.0%13115.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,020,150Outer Richmond, San Francisco
Outer Sunset23.0%12119.0%Below $1,000,000$992,500Outer Sunset, San Francisco
Pacific Heights177.0%11113.0%Higher than $2,000,000$2,800,000Pacific Heights, San Francisco
Parkside13.0%15115.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,100,000Parkside, San Francisco
Portola-15.0%16112.0%Below $1,000,000$635,000Portola, San Francisco
Potrero Hill16.0%14109.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,170,000Potrero Hill, San Francisco
Rincon Hill10.0%14103.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,069,000Rincon Hill, San Francisco
Russian Hill31.0%16110.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,155,000Russian Hill, San Francisco
San Francisco14.6%13111.5%Higher than $1,000,000$1,125,000
South of Market14.0%11105.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,125,000South of Market, San Francisco
Sunnyside38.0%14139.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,275,000Sunnyside, San Francisco
Sunset District17.0%13118.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,130,025Sunset District, San Francisco
Telegraph Hill100.0%3992.0%Higher than $2,000,000$2,300,000Telegraph Hill, San Francisco
Tenderloin-28.0%6103.0%Below $1,000,000$605,000Tenderloin, San Francisco
Twin Peaks-40.0%1693.0%Higher than $1,000,000$1,105,000Twin Peaks, San Francisco
Visitacion Valley19.0%18111.0%Below $1,000,000$755,500Visitacion Valley, San Francisco
Western Addition19.0%8116.0%Below $1,000,000$855,000Western Addition, San Francisco

Bubble plot and color indicate the median sale price of houses sold in March 2015. Source: Redfin.

Year-over-year price gain - only 6 neighborhoods didnt see a price gain from March last year

Source: Redfin.


Last month, the median San Francisco home was sold for over $1 million but there is a considerable spread throughout the city's neighborhoods: median sale prices ranged from $605,000 in Tenderloin to $2.8 million in Pacific Heights

For 31 neighborhoods sale prices were higher than the same month a year ago - in Telegraph Hill the median sale price was twice as high and in Pacific Heights the price gain was even considerably higher:

Seller's Market

The higher sale prices aren't the only indicator of a seller's market in San Francisco's real estate. 

Number of homes sold - vast majority of homes were sold above the asking price

In all but three neighborhoods was the median home sold for more money than the asking price in March 2015. Source: Redfin.

Median days on the market - the majority of homes were sold within 2 weeks

Source: Redfin.

Houses sold per neighborhood and the year-over-year change in houses sold

Source: Redfin.

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